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Transformer & Regulator Testing Services

        Enserv Environmental Services specializes in providing Oil Maintenance Testing Services For Transformers, Regulators & Oil Switches.

             Transformers and regulator oil maintenance test are for PCBs, Oil Quality, Dissolved Gasses, Furans, Metals, Dieletric, Power Factor, and Interfacial Tension. 

Testing services are designed to provide owners of electrical equipment with information critical to how the electrical equipment is functioning and is designed to assist the owner in identifying times to service electrical equipment to prevent outages from electrical equipment failures. 


Representative samples from electrical equipment are obtained according to U.S.E.P.A. and ASTM guidelines.   Samples are prepared and shipped to an approved independent lab and analytical reports are prepared for clientele based upon analytical data received from the lab.  Analytical reports are provided to clientele within fourteen business days after sampling has been completed.

      We Welcome the opportunity to hear from you.  If you would like additional information regarding transformer and regulator testing services provided by Enserv Environmental Services, Inc., please contact Rick at 501-837-3401, or by email at enservenv@centurytel.net